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predator apron for chicken coop

By: Dr. Ganchi

Cover the run with it, too. My pleasure, Julie. We never saw any evidence of predator visits. I myself have been sickened by the stories that people have told me ….. “I never lock my chickens up”, “I allow my chickens to free range all the time, day and night and have only lost around 20 of them over the years”, and once a lady told me….”I was horrified, I woke up one morning and all 26 of my chickens were dead all around the barn yard and in the field. Best of luck with your new layout. My girls no longer free range and we’re trying to build a bigger and secure run for them. www (dot) He was mean to us, but I guess he was mean to predators, too. I’m pinning 🙂 Inspect your chicken coop and run each day, making sure there aren’t any signs of varmints burrowing or tunneling underneath the fence. Hello everyone. The rooster made a racket…but to no avail. Also found a stash of eaten/cracked eggs not far from the coop beneath a piece of plywood leaning up against the barn. I love all wild life and know it is my fault I didn’t keep her safe please any ideas. I thought they used 2X4 wire for the predator apron. Preventing daytime predators from snatching chickens is more challenging as the … Ideally, at least a portion of the run will be covered by a roof both for protection from the elements and from aerial predators. The short answer is as much space as possible. Then cover it up? Key features of all Lonestar Coops plans: Predator proofing is the starting point of all of our designs Tons of ventilation for healthy chickens, with large windows on all four sides of the hen-house Plexiglas storm windows to close up the henhouse during the cold winters You can install a dug apron fence or a bent apron fence. Even with that protection, though, I almost always close the windows at night, because sometimes the chickens roost kind of close to the window, and I can imagine a raccoon terrorizing them, even if it couldn’t get in. Raccoons can climb, and they can tear through chicken wire. The city has a ton of racoons. Anyone have any other suggestions? Written by. It takes additional time, effort, and money to predator proof a run, but for us it has been well worth it. Someone’s digging, trying to get in under the base! We're glad you took time to visit our site and we invite you to contact Carolina Coops for detailed information or answers to your questions. Secrets To Predator-Proofing Your Chicken Coop. I’m in the process of predator proofing now, We have 3 chicken hawks and a vulture..yes a vulture who is constantly stalking my birds, they already killed one of my neighbors hens, Her dog guards the chickens, but she was eating at the time, She killed one hawk,but not before it killed her hen. He rigged it so that one charger runs both tractors. I lined the door edge with a nice thick layer of habanero oil. I’d go with a large dog. I’m working on the pavers around the coop right now. I’m planning to raise chickens next spring, reading these posts made me realize that the moving/ sled type of coop won’t be secure for my birds. I know your post was a while ago but I had to respond. Bought a coop as requirements are 10ft per chicken, with run. Because our runs are predator proof, our chickens always have access to them…and we sleep easily. She has a Ring camera and has sent me a few videos off and on to show me the fox chasing a rooster in daylight! Are you committed to sharing the land with wildlife? On Thursday afternoon something attacked the flock and I found one chicken dead and 6 missing. Joanne. I once had a rabbit dig out of an enclosure with 18 inches of fencing buried underground. I hope this post about how to keep predators from digging under your chicken coop helped you out! Discourage both of these sneaky creatures with a padlock. Digging around the chicken coop. Thank you. Photos and video showing how to install a predator apron around your chicken coop And if I were to use regular hardware mesh on the top, will it rust over time because of the weather? Homestead Chicken Resources. Do I need one egg box per chicken? For making a coop apron, you will need hardware cloth or fencing that has very small holes and is placed on the ground around the coop. Keep feed in covered metal barrels to keep out mice and rats. My husband went out to check on them, and found the snake trying to eat one of them, and the other one was already in his belly. My vet suspects a hawk flew nearby and even though he couldn’t physically harm them, he terrified them to the point of heart attack! Enclose runs with 1/2 inch hardware cloth, to exclude weasels and snakes. Have you thought about getting camo netting? Wow. Julie Stein, co-founder and ed, Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network. I am still dreading attacks of something from above. Common chicken predators include birds of prey (hawks, eagles, owls), raccoons, opossum, snakes, rats, skunk, fox, coyote, bear, weasels, minks, fisher cats, bobcats and badgers. Southern Chicken Coops, Quality Homes for your Hens . Would that be sufficient to protect underneath them? You must fortify your set-up to foil creatures small enough to slip through little holes, strong enough to destroy a car, or deft enough to open one-step locks. A friend or relative, willing to help me remember to put up the chickens takes their time to either text-or call me about 6: each evening. Install a predator apron. Thread starter #1 Gertie Greenbriar In the Brooder. I see some people will use logs or cement pavers around their chicken runs also. Carolina Coops offers the country's best selection of superior-grade chicken coops and accessories for sale. Well……I see there is no way to attach a picture. It is really good to hear to always, always side with caution. Don’t skimp by using chicken wire on top. Don’t want to hurt my hen’s feet but want to keep predators out if we can. It is very potent, but really works. We're glad you took time to visit our site and we invite you to contact Carolina Coops for detailed information or answers to your questions. If you don’t know what a coop apron is, you definitely want to watch the video below! Pingback: How to Predator Proof Your Chicken Coop and Run  — Info You Should Know. Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance. In that first year without an incident, we had a rooster. I feel like I’ve narrowed down the possible culprits, but was requesting more of a professional input. I did get the little weasel and I was so mad, I killed him and taxidermy him and he sits on top of a picture in my living room. The coop apron is a lot easier than digging straight down, 12 to 18 inches, and trying to bury the fencing material into the ground. So far, so good but these forums have helped me SO SO much, getting ready to receive my birds and take care of them – thank you, everyone!! I’ve seen 1 foot quoted as sufficient for a skirt or underground fence, but I think that’s borderline sufficient. It was the ONE TIME I forgot – with a 14 month baby that was having an incredibly bad day, I was simply exhausted and fell asleep early. I have also learned much from other people’s builds. Predator Proof Chicken Coops: A Simple Way To Protect Your Flock - Farming My Backyard. Backyard Chicken Predator Proofing Tips. Pingback: The Truth About Trapping: An Honest Look at a Controversial Topic -. Our coop/run set-up has featured all of the strategies described below for 8 years (except for the electric fence wires, which we added last year), and we’ve not lost  single bird to predation while confined to the coop and run. I have been doing this for about a week now. I’m not gonna lock my birds inside a dark room all their life! Then had scrap pieces of plywood roughly any size down to at least 2 feet x 2 feet. Updated 10/18/19. This may seem silly, but at 80 it works great for me. Go. So you definitely want to consider adding a coop apron. You have given really good advice and I plan on following it. You want your fencing material to be at least 24 inches, but I used 36 inches. Use half inch hardware cloth not just for the sides. Predator-Proof Chicken Coops? Do this around runs, and if you didn’t elevate the coop, do it around the coop, too. Luckily he did not stay,but we have a snake catcher now if we see him again. There was an old farmer back in the day who put the coup inside the dog yard. Any help appreciated! We’re excited and nervous st the same time. Thanks again for the tips! I have considered putting a smallish raise bed up over the wire to help the wire be at least partial buried. We have read all the comments and watched lots of YouTube videos, but I am not feeling secure enough yet to move the four hens and one rooster to the coop. Do you think I could do the barrier on the inside of the coup on the dirt floor? One of the hardest things in keeping chickens is keeping those chickens out of the reach of chicken predators. I reuse the nails or screws in the new boards. Welcome to Southern Chicken Coops! Good luck on your chickens. $4500 – The Austin Coop | Built on site at your location by the experts at Lonestar Coops. Predator proof chicken run. We have 3 wires running between 1 and 4 feet off the ground. This is still looking expensive. The first apron goes all the way around the run and is dug down and inserted about 18 inches deep. That’s it! This will allow the chicken to feed easily - as a side benefit, hanging chicken feeders prevents the chickens from … Welcome to Southern Chicken Coops! Don’t forget to top the run with 1/2 inch hardware cloth! I have tried to teach people how to keep their chickens safe. It may not be fool-proof but it seems to be somewhat effective. Also, weasels can fit through the holes, get in and kill the chicken, but then can’t get them out of the coop. See more ideas about chicken aprons, chicken saddle, chickens backyard. OH, Janet, I am so glad this is helpful. Not only for the hens’ feet, but also because moisture from poop in contact with it will eventually cause it to rust and decompose.I think a motion sensor light might work for some predators, especially the more wary species, like bobcat, but I doubt it will work for raccoons and opossums, species that live close to humans and adapt quickly to our noises and lights. What to Feed Chickens After Chick Starter. 4. If I were to dig deep in the ground and bury cinder blocks around the perimeter of the bottom of the coop would that help or is it better to bury hard wear cloth in the ground around the bottom. Any information would be helpful. Saved from An apron isn’t as effective as a trench, but will provide some measure of security from digging beasties. Regular hardware cloth on top is fine. I plan on using your suggestion of having an apron around the coop and run to secure it. She babies all the baby animals and my grandkids. bettinamorton (at) me (dot) com. On Saturday we replaced the other 7 with two 5 month old hens and five 2 month old chicks. We live in a pretty rural neighborhood with lots of woodsy areas – plenty of raccoons and predators. Home; About; Chicken Coops; Blog; Photo Gallery; … Did she eat something too large to pass while outside, and would she not have done so if I had kept them in the brooder for that hour?? Foxes are persistent…and intelligent. I’m building a coop and run in my back yard now. Please be kind, it was an incredibly sad learning experience and one I hope to never encounter again. Perhaps the greatest is keeping chickens safe from predators. Enough said. Just wanted to let anyone know who is curious that the electric wire seems to have been just the thing to deter anything that would dig. Learn to train them to come when called from a previous post here. Chicken Coop.. Both are protected species and need strong preventative measures to keep them out of your chicken coop. I thought we had an extremely secure system to house our flock, but one really persistent fox found a way in. Enough said. Please if you have never had chickens before read up on as much as you can. Perhaps the greatest is keeping chickens safe from predators. When installing your coop, be sure to avoid using chicken wire. I am now re-planning my entire layout. Hello, THEN, we put square-edged limestone border stones (they are loose but about 30 pounds each) around the perimeter where the coop meets the ground. Do I need to know anything special about that? It is also not uncommon for chickens to be attacked by feral cats or even the family dog. Took 3 inch decking screws or nails, ( I use both ) and screwed our nailed them 3 inches apart across the entire board. What is your approach to predator proofing the chicken coop? Predators like raccoons, foxes, owls, even neighborhood dogs are known to attack backyard chickens at night or in plain daylight. Pingback: Hens On The Homestead: 6 Questions You Need To Answer Before You Get Chickens | Little Farm in the Alberta Foothills. We had a few chickens we lost a couple weeks ago to a Minx (it was so so terrible and I wasn’t sure I was cut out to be keeping chickens. And if you really don’t want nighttime predators to be around your coop in the first place, what really works for me is this thing I bought on Amazon called Predator Guard. It’s much more difficult to keep chickens safe when allowed to roam beyond the coop and run, and I’ll be posting about that in the future. 12 noon standing 10 feet from me. Mar 2, 2017 - What are your suggestions for a predator proof chicken run? First and foremost: Never, never use chicken wire on your chicken coop and run. Hello, A switch for the bathroom might also work well! When mine were a few days old, I put them outside on a very warm day in an enclosure. Thank you kindly. Can someone help, I was wondering about the type of fencing that goes underground. Do you think electric fence work against raccoons. What do you think of this? Outdoor feeders, however, attract wild birds and animals, and that is asking for trouble. We are getting ready to build our first coop. I’m not sure about a guardian breed of dog – I’d be worried the dog might bite visitors or hurt my cats. It is an honor to be certified by such an inspiring program. You’ll read this a lot of Backyard Chickens forum, too, that necropsy failed to determine the cause of death. If you are just building your coop, think about the floor. A sturdy coop with a solid or mesh floor, or an apron; Although they are not as common as other predators in most parts of Australia, these native animals can wreak havoc in a chicken coop. Thread starter #1 RoyalChick Crowing. They’re very cheap to replace here also so it wouldn’t be a huge loss. Bury it or put an Apron on It To deter digging predators, dig a 12″ trench all the way around the perimeter of the coop, burying the hardware cloth. Betsy, that’s great that you found a way to deter hawks. He survived from a high perch. Any suggestions for a back yard? This website also participates in partner programs with CJ, ShareASale, Awin, Impact, and other sites. Eliminate predator hiding places near the coop. Mar 6, 2017 - Explore Ann White's board "chicken apron" on Pinterest. It doesn’t matter what it’s made of, as long as the animals cannot dig through it, and as long as it won’t decay in the soil. I attached 4 of these little gadgets around my chicken coop, facing out in all four directions. Please if you can not afford to purchase the supplies you need to keep your chickens safe don’t get them! If a racoon puts fingers through, there’s now an extra 1/2 inch of air between the two screens before anything is touched. Animals. If you’re going to make an apron, you have to pay close attention to the corners where you attach the fencing material together (the seam). I will be raising some rare breed chickens and want to add all of the security features I can. BTW, I really appreciate your attitude towards predators, even though you’ve had losses. Any advice or suggestions on how to predator proof this pen? Coyotes got two more of my hens before we finally realized what we were dealing with. The area where we have them use to be my garden so I was glad we were using it again. No fear, well I could have killed him, but i didn’t, I shot the ground in front of him throwing dirt all over and he ran with a purpose. Hi Janet — thanks so much for sharing Predator Friendly and Wildlife Friendly practices with the world — the world needs more, much more, of this!! Even small predators can chew through it, and a tenacious dog will tear through it like it's not even there. This may sound silly, but are there any suggestions you have to remind you each night to put the hens to sleep? Boy, was I wrong. Did you know they make automatic pop door openers where you can set the time for them to open and close? The time when bears wake and are ravenous is upon us, which seems to be the time that bears are brazen enough to try the coop for a meal (any time of year in areas where the bears are thick!). I would never give them access to an unsafe run even during daylight, when nobody’s home, and I’d hate to keep them confined to the coop for more than a few days. Once their feet step on a nail or screw they give up. There are all kinds of things around. During mild weather we can leave the pop doors to the run open, giving the chickens constant access to the runs. If you choose not to elevate, then don’t bother with wood flooring. They are such delicate little creatures, and we can’t always anticipate. I am guessing that it was due to the fox that was lurking when I was doing a stroll last month. Necropsies of chickens don’t always show the cause of death. I’ll be writing more about that in the near future, but for now, check out their inspiring program here. Works like a charm! But when the birds get free-range time to pasture outside of the run, one of the following forms of fencing is recommended. I am looking to get chickens and a couple of goats. Build A Chicken Coop & Keep Out Predators In 11 Easy Steps. Poor thing. The weather is pretty warm here now and I decided to let them go outside and enjoy the fresh air. But hope for the best. They’re going to be digging as close as they can to the coop where they’ll immediately run into the apron. They are wonderful to raise. Thanks to all for the stories, probably saved me some grief. Some chicken keepers—including yours truly—prefer to use hardware cloth as the mesh on outdoor runs, creating a predator-proof outdoor space. These lights can be attached around your chicken coop, facing out in all 4 directions. I put a fan in my coop in the summer to keep the air moving and keep it cool. Weasels can climb, and many of them can squeeze through 1 inch openings. Don’t allow Chickens to Roost Outside Chickens are most vulnerable when they are asleep and many chicken predators are active at night, making the inside of a locked coop the safest place for them. We’ve had many predator scares over the years, and birds can freeze in fear, temporarily, but out of all that, I’ve had only one bird remain frozen in fear and die of a heart attack within hours. The only way to keep snakes out of the chicken coop completely is to secure it day and night with 1/4″ hardware cloth at every possible access point into the coop and run. And I have cats everywhere around here, We do get raccoons, opossum, and weasels. I would bury 2 ft of fencing and place large paving slabs all the way around the perimeter of the run, and would cover the top with fencing too – would that be sufficient to stop mongooses, weasels and foxes? They are rectangles of pressure treated wood covered with chicken wire. Best size for predator apron or skirt - newbie seeking advice . Not sure the radio is helping, though. While I think the electric wire will protect against digging, I wonder about something dropping down from the tree. We woke this morning to one of our chickens missing. Hanging the feeders will prevent mice and rats from accessing the feed meant for chickens. (Image source: Buildcheapchickencoops) Foxes, coyotes, weasels, raccoons, rats and hawks.

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